2023 a look ahead for the Year.

Well it looks like the year is shaping up. Cold is the theme. We all should have reservations already since everything is booked so far in advance.

Trips on the books this year:

  • Dave and Ben’s Extended 3/4 day series dates have been published for Friday’s in July, August, Sept, and this year October. I am on the last two.
  • Several Outcasts are going on a Tony Reyes trip, End of April, Let’s Talk Hookup Trip. Should be fun.
  • We have a WSB trip in July, can’t wait.
  • April is pretty busy with a couple BFT Trips on the Polaris Supreme and the Independence.
  • July might be private boating month if the Tuna come in…Albacore? We wish.
  • Aug is an Independence trip…

Sure there are more…those Dave and Ben trips were some of the best.


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