COVID19 Update June 2020

Well it looks like the group members have scattered, as they should, and are mostly bunkered down. The Sport Fishing Boats have not been formally released to allow passengers yet. San Diego is still in a bit of uncertainty and political choas where you can park at Walmart side by side but not at the beach. The hair salons can open, but not the fishing boats. The situation is going to come down to personal choice.

Unfortunately, all of my charters that I was planning on going on have been cancelled. The problem just is no one is really sure about who is taking care of themselves, who is in agreement on their personal COVID19 Position, who takes care and covers up, who walks around saying its no big deal. Guess the main concensus among this group is to stand by and observe.

So we have moved over to Kayaks and Private Boating for now. All the 3/4 day charters were canceled. Not sure if I will want to jump on a public charter. I have a 3 day in Oct that I will probably keep (unless we see a major uptick in cases). Other than that, I’m just kayaking, booking trips next year, might go to Alaska if I can find 4 guys, might go to Bahia De Los Angeles this year. Not a lot of people down there…waiting on the ease of testing.

Stand by, be patient, keep in touch and be safe.

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