Welcome to Outcast Fishing Club

We are a local San Diego Group established in 2003 known as the Outcasts. We are a non-profit group operating this site on of pocket. We really are not asking for dues.  We have found it is a much more enjoyable experience if you fish with friends and friends of friends.  The larger the group, the quicker we can fill a private charter.  

Our Mission Statement is to promote positive fishing experiences, be supportive, open, and friendly to new members with a goal to make new friends, know who you fish with, and most important help everyone on board have a good time.  Do not be “that Guy”.

Members from our group have private boats, drive down to Baja, go Long Range, Kayaks in San Diego Bay, etc. so there is always something going on to participate in or follow.  

If you are new, please register if you are interesting in joining.

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